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When Vitri returns from a day of scavenging downtown Waco, Texas he discovers that his wife has killed herself and their young son. Eager for answers, Vitri does what nearly everyone did after the blackout: he leaves town.

In Monroe, Louisiana, Reyn, a deaf thirteen-year-old lives with her drug addict mother in a Jeep and thinks often of her father, who moved to Idaho days before the blackout. By day, Reyn drives she and her mother from hospital to hospital in search of supplies. By night, they trade those supplies with the yellow-masked tribe prowling the highway. When evil lurks within one particular hospital, Reyn feels there’s no choice but to head northwest, to the father she hopes she still has.

The paths of Reyn and Vitri boldly converge and as they learn to communicate with one another, Reyn and Vitri are forced to confront their pasts, their grief, and whether or not the path they elect to share has enough room for each of them.

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Praise for Garrett Francis and And in the Dark They Are Born

"A significant talent, fearless, natural, and hard to classify."
- David Ebershoff, author of The Danish Girl

"A power house of a fiction writer. Poetic and raw, imaginative and real, Garrett is blessed with a literary talent that many can only dream of."
-Claudia Befu, Story Voyager

"...unabashedly stark and animalistic and grim, and I read it with an increasing sense of what-the-f*** and intermittent jolts of hope. By the end of the first chapter, I knew there was going to be nothing typical or cookie-cutter about this book."
-Amazon Reader

"Garrett Francis' fiction isn't only immersive, but it is also tremendously cinematic. You literally feel yourself in a spectacular movie."
-Nadia Gerassimenko, when hope writes

"Francis shines in his ability to offer beautiful sections of prose that illustrate the frailty and need in these character and their relationships with others."
-Amazon Reader

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